I would love to see a dialysis machine in our local hospital instead of going to Kamloops.

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My ex mother in law has been going to Kamloops for dialysis since July of this year (2019)

She has has to travel 4 times a week from Merritt.  That is hard on everyone involved.  It is expensive for gas, buying food, wear and tear on the vehicle and sometimes she has to cancel her appointment due to not having a ride.  

This service would benefit many many other people within the Merritt area such as Logan lake, Spence’s Bridge, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Douglas Lake, Quilchena, Princeton etc.  She (Cheryl) told me that she knows of at least 9 other people that travel to Kamloops for dialysis from Merritt and area.

If we had a dialysis machine and staff to operate it, it would save a lot of time and money for the people who have to travel during all types of weather.  It is stressful for many when the weather will start to turn bad soon.

I heard one patient I was told about has to travel from Golden to Kamloops with her son.  He had to quit his job so he could drive his mother to and from dialysis 5 hours away!!!

Dialysis should be available in more communities.  Why can’t we have at least one machine here in Merritt?!  We have health care but this needs to be seriously looked at, so my mother in law (and others) can have a better quality of life.  

Please look at at this dire situation as soon as possible!  Many peoples lives are at stake, maybe even someone you know.