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Interior designer? Say no to BH590!

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Dear North Carolina Designers and IDS Members,

I'm sure you have all heard about HB 590 (Interior Design Profession Act), which would allow a select group of Interior Designers to join a voluntary registry to bypass current regulations and obtain permits directly from local governments.

At IDS, we oppose HB 590. This bill interferes with free market competition as it creates an unfair advantage for a select few. The bill is unnecessary, has no public benefit and could have a negative impact on many designers.

The bill strives to "promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public by establishing standards for education and expertise for the practice of interior design and the ensure a high standard of professional conduct on the part of the registered interior designers." Currently, law already protects the public by the State's architectural and engineering acts, permitting requirements and building codes and regulations. Because the State already has these laws in place, this bill has no public benefit.

The real impact of this bill is how Interior Designers will compete in the market place. HB 590 will only benefit a small group of interior designers who will be able to use the registry to create an unfair advantage over the majority of Interior Designers in North Carolina.

This bill is unnecessary and should be stopped immediately. At this point, it is critical that communication is made to the Senate, TODAY via phone, fax or email (sample letter attached). Let them know that you oppose HB 590 and why. It is unknown how quickly the Senate will act, so please do not delay your outreach- one or two days could make a difference. Click here to find your local representative.


 A concerned fellow interior designer