Al-Furqan Primary School to Remain Voluntary Aided

Al-Furqan Primary School to Remain Voluntary Aided

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Our Story

In 1989 our school was founded in Birmingham as a small home-schooling community. It was based on a unique concept that strives to provide a high standard of National Curriculum education whilst celebrating students’ British Muslim cultural heritage. Al-Furqan has been recognised by Ofsted as a ‘Good’ school, in their most recent inspection: ‘Pupils are proud of their own faith and also show a high level of tolerance and respect for other faiths and cultures. They have mature views about the world around them’ (Ofsted June 2017).

So what’s wrong?
We have been left frustrated by an unexpected proposal to change the very identity of our school from Voluntary-Aided (VA) status to that of Voluntary Controlled (VC). We oppose this proposal.

What’s at stake?
We truly believe that our VA status is integral to the success of Al-Furqan pupils as it allows them to flourish in a wholesome and culturally-sensitive environment. This validates and celebrates their British Muslim identity. Furthermore, we are one of few schools to be blessed with an on-site mosque with provision for salah (worship) and an exceptional IQA syllabus which are daily staples of the school’s curriculum. Our children are confident as they have fully supportive staff and a protected Islamic ethos that staff passionately nurture. Our unique Instrument of Government and Trust Deed ensure these timeless values and ethos are secure for future generations to adhere to. As a result, the school is oversubscribed year on year.
Students are well-rounded and well-mannered wherever they go because they are truly confident in their identity as British Muslims: ‘Pupils’ behaviour and conduct are exemplary. They are extremely courteous and caring.’ (Ofsted 2017).

As a Voluntary Controlled school:

• Autonomy is taken away from the school, with admissions and recruitment of staff controlled by the Local Authority (LA).
• The Foundation Governors, who preserve the faith element, will go from being a majority of the Governing Body to just 2 members. The imbalance of faith representation will impact on key decisions.
• Recruitment would be conducted in line with LA policies. This means there will be no assurance that future senior leaders and staff will be committed to upholding the Islamic ethos. They may not have the skills to effectively teach the National Curriculum and faith elements simultaneously.
• The Instrument of Government, which the school was founded upon and is thriving under, does not have to be honoured. LA guidance can override the original principles that define the essence of our school.
(The current daily provision of IQA lessons could be downgraded to become an optional part of the curriculum as opposed to essential. Daily IQA lessons could be reduced to weekly, termly etc.)
• The LA will determine how daily worship will take place. This could take the form of assemblies and not necessarily Salah and Quran. These may instead be offered outside the normal school hours; undermining the faith element.

Overall, the combined effect of these changes may mean Al-Furqan Primary School will not be the unique school it is today. Its current dedication to nurturing confident young British Muslims will be erased.

What now/next?

Please could all stakeholders, including the local community respond to the proposal on the above link. We have until Monday 21st February to submit our views for Part 1 of this consultation.

Al-Furqan to remain Voluntary Aided! We OPPOSE the VC proposal!

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                  Al-Furqan Parents and Community

71 have signed. Let’s get to 100!