Give same equivalence to Alevel and Olevel students as SSC and HSSC

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All students who study in this country and are Pakistani citizens need equal opportunities regardless of the fact that they have chosen to study SSC/HSSC system of education or Olevels/Alevels. Despite the fact that the Cambridge Examination System is more updated in its curriculum and deals with conceptual learning and honing practical skills , the students have been deprived of their right to have equal opportunities as SSC/HSSc students. The deduction of marks during Equivalence takes away the chance of securing positions high on merit in the National Universities and Colleges. Consequentially , the students who belong to a wealthy background choose to study in foriegn universites which itself is big loss to the country when its young talent cannot study or serve in their homeland whereas , those who want to study in medical or engineering or bussiness universities of Pakistan have to face tremendous obstacles , the first being the deduction of marks in equivalence certificates by IBCC . As a result where FSC students score 1000+/1100 marks on average , an Alevels student can score a maximum or 990/1100 according to equivalence system of Pakistan with straight A* in all eleven compulsory subjects. In case of majors like biology , with merit exceeding 90% lately, admission for an  ALevel student in a govt instiution becomes highly unlikely. all high on merit positions are secured by Fsc students. Moreover, all entrance tests exams comprise of questions from Fsc Books ,although authorities claim that the tests are 50% from each of the curricuums which in not the case. Therefore, its extrememly important to raise voice against this unnecessary and unjust deduction of marks and demand equal academic oportunites for students studying in this country. Talent and hard work needs to be the sole criterion  for selection of students in all fields of studies regardless of the system of education they have studied under. lets try and pave way towards more career opportunites for Alevels students in this country.