Restituite la Family Card perché Ikea odia le famiglie

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To:   Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
        Olof Palmestraat 1
        2616 LN Delft
        The Netherlands
        Phone: +31 (0)15 215 3815


Return the Ikea Family Card because Ikea hates families

Avoid layoff of loyal employee and fire the Italian’s managers


Surely you know that the Italian’s management of Ikea decided to fire a woman working since 17 years for Ikea.

That woman and his family well represent what differentiate

the human being from the animals.

Even if the family members are, unfortunately, not 100% efficient the mother help them as much as she can and a society that we can claim as

“democrat and supporting the basilar civil rights”

must support her and recognize the positive value of that admirable woman.

The Italian’s Ikea managers are exactly the opposite.

Sweden, that I visited with my wife many years ago and was for us an inspiration for the desire of create a family, has a reputation of supporting families but it doesn’t seem the same in Italy.

I ask that Ikea Italy hire again that admirable woman and fire immediately the extremely bad Italian’s managers that not only is acting badly but they do not have any idea of how a positive marketing policy works to maximize a company revenue and help the country where your company is a guest.

Massimo De Marco


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