Please help me retrieve my stolen dog.

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Three years ago, my Border Collie named Star was taken away from me unknowingly. After three court cases and multiple attempts to have STAR returned to me from the person I believe to be withholding her, I still had no conclusion to this matter. 

The lady that I suspect to have taken her had her own Border Collie which was put down at Exeter Vet for not being able to walk at old age. She is also a widow of a late police sergeant which is the reason I feel I have hit so many brick walls.

I knew that the lady possess STAR as she has an undeniable limp which was present in the dog the she was walking. Other times, she walked her own dog which doesn’t have a limp. It is because of this that I know she is in my possession on my STAR.

I have no intention of filing charges to the lady anymore. I just want my Star back. At least before she passes.

I am reaching out to you in desperation as The Integrity Commission thinks that it is not in the public interest to continue my case.

Please help me to reopen the case by signing my petition as this would be my last hope.