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Integrated gender buses for D.C. trip

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At Mountain View Middle School in Mendham, New Jersey, there is an annual trip to Washington DC for the 8th graders. This is supposed to be a very fun and educational trip for the 8th graders every year, and is something that they all look forward to. I'm Brianna Graham, an 8th grader at Mountain View, who is excited and preparing to go on this trip next month. Yet we are faced with a problem. Apparently for a while now there have been two buses. One for the boys, and one for the girls. This is wrong. Why, you may ask? This is wrong for several reasons:

1. This teaches the kids on the trip that is more normal to talk to and socialize with your gender. This is not true, as you are of course allowed to be friends with all different people, it is your choice to be friends with the people you are friends with. And "the norm" should not be something that anybody should be afraid of going against. The diversity in today's world is what makes it great. Saying that every person in a large group of people are all the same as every other person in that large group of people is wrong. THAT would be taking the diversity out of our world just that much more. 

2. When we grow up, we are going to be together with all different kinds of people, including women and men. So separating people now by gender is not good because then in the future they'll look back on this and think well if we did it then, then we can do it now! 

If separate busses for boys and girls really happens, then this is making sexism a larger thing. If this starts to spread to different schools, this will really make sexism a larger thing. Because by doing this, we are saying that all girls are the same and they are all completely different from all the boys, which are also the same. They do not overlap. We must separate them when going on a FIVE HOUR DRIVE because they will not be able to control themselves in that amount of time. And if we've really given up this much in 2017, I can't imagine the future. So please, sign this petition to come one step closer to ending sexism. Although it may not be a large step, it will still be progressive. 

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