Insuring our future : We need teachers

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According to a 2015 report by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), India ranks 2nd in the world teacher shortage. 

I have started this petition to request HRD Minister Mr Prakash Javadekar and HFW Minister Mr J P Nadda to increase the official retirement age of school teachers (to 70) in order to fulfil this shortage.

  • As of today, India needs about 3.7 Lakh extra teachers to balance out the attrition rate plus the number required for the expansion of primary education in the country, which is governed by PTR(Pupil teacher ratio).
  • According to ASER 2016, the 11th edition of the report that collected data from 589 rural districts of India, the proportion of all children in Class V who can read a Class II level textbook declined to 47.8% in 2016 from 48.1% in 2014.
  • This means every other student is unable to read something meant for someone three classes below.
  • A research conducted by our community shows that this can be a very economical decision for the government and private organizations as they spend lakhs every year in hiring new staff and maintaining the pension and insurance schemes of the retired one.
  • Every government wants to inculcate values, ethics and Indian culture at the grass root level of human development and this can be achieved when the future citizens of the country have feet rooted in the history as they step into the future. Such a task cannot be achieved without the help of experience that only comes after a certain age. The current legislation does not factor in the development of health sector in increasing the average life expectancy thereby not fully utilizing the potential of highly experienced senior teachers in building this nation.
  • The average life expectancy of women India has gone up to 71.1 years (2017) from 58.2 years (1990) and with better healthcare and wellness they could easily be gainfully employed for another 10-20 years and on top of all employment besides giving something to look forward to everyday also ensures that there is a sense of mental well-being among the seniors.

I urge anyone reading this petition to join HUM in requesting the Mr Prakash Javadekar & Mr J P Nadda to issue a directive to increase the retirement age.


Inspired by “Startup India”, 
HUM was started by R K Vij on his 75th Birthday along with K Malhotra, an engineer in his early 20’s. They have a goal of building a social enterprise focusing on the betterment of the lives of senior citizen and retired professionals.