Include Maternity treatment/ Child Birth in Health Insurance.

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Many of us must have taken Health Insurance, so we could save us/ our families from an unwarranted burden of expenses due to this on ourselves.

But Health Insurance claims ignore one of the most important Cover that should be included in it ,i.e Maternity Benefits.

It could be either getting treatment while being Pregnant, or at the stage of Child Birth.

Majority of Health Insurance companies in India either exclude Maternity from their Claims/policies or give a very little amount regarding claims.

Women needs utmost care & love while they are carrying a Child in their Womb. Due to financial issues, Women may not be receiving proper attention regarding their health & priorities.

All Health Insurance companies should include , Maternity Benefits/Treatment & Child Birth in their Health policies.

Insurance Companies offering Maternity cover could benefit Mother & Child's Health & may also bring up the number of Institutional Deliveries. A Safe & hygienic Environment for a New Mother & her child is of utmost importance.

So I urge you all please support my petition, so we could pressure the Authorities to get Maternity Benefits Included in Health Insurance Policies.