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I am, R. ANANTHARAJAN, 56 yrs, male, Consultant Market Research at Chennai, a renal [kidney] second time transplant patient, my first transplant was in 1987, JULY @ Apollo, Chennai, donor mother and it went on till 2010, April, Subsequently, I was asked to go for second renal transplant, until then i was under dialysis till January, 2011, almost 10 bad months. On January, 21, 2011, i went for cadaver transplant @ Apollo. Chennai and managing well till date...

Unlike, other diseases, like heart, lungs, liver etc., the end stage [both] renal failure patient can survive with dialysis till they undergo transplant - related/un-related/cadaver. But this – painful/horrible/life threatening dialysis process, for end stage renal failure patient is a blessing in disguise, as we need to spend lot of money ranging from Rs.1, 500 to 2,500 per sitting of dialysis and it is normally done 2 to 3 times in a week and according to hospitals, this charges vary widely and we need to undergo this treatment till we undergo transplant – related/non-related/cadaver. So, for my second time dialysis, which almost went on for 10 months - in between i was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, occasional stomach upset, cramp, sudden fever, dejected and depressive, restricted movements...etc etc all resulted in spending hot cash [thanks to my brother] more than Rs. 13 lacs or so. This is almost 25 times more than my first transplant done in 1987. Not, only that our post-transplant medications cost anywhere starting from a minimum of Rs.8,000 per month and goes even thousands as well...that too if we buy the transplant medicines directly from the distributors in that place..!

With so much high cost involved for this horrible disease, we are not given or blindly denied - Health Insurance Coverage –either by Govt owned or private insurance companies, without any valid reasons. While, HIV +ve,  Diabetics, Cancer patients etc…are all given coverage in one way or other, being so, what is the need or reason for denying health insurance coverage  for renal transplant or any transplant patient?  Few private health insurance companies are ready to give cover to renal or any transplant patient but on higher premium per year ranging from not less than 10k upto 18k and that too on online only...a clear case of day time robbery? WHILE some others want to enroll in their health insurance scheme for at-least three years consecutively and after that they say they will consider giving coverage! WHY THIS DISCRIMINATION? WHAT THE MISTAKE WE HAD DONE? WHY THIS PARTIALITY TOWARDS TRANSPLANT PATIENTS? WHY THIS IMPEACHMENTS ONLY FOR US? WHY WE ARE KEPT ALONE /ARE ALIENATED? HOW COME INSURANCE REGULATORS ARE HOSTILE TOWARDS US AND KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT? ARE WE NOT A NORMAL HUMAN BEING TO GET COVERAGE FOR OUR HEALTH CONTINGENCIES’ LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL PERSON!? WHAT IS THAT THEY FOUND UNIQUE IN OUR CASE?

Recently, there is an alarming rate of increase in renal transplant among youngsters due to life style changes, food, work environment, work related tension, nuclear family set up etc... etc. As such, post-transplant, they have very long years to go in their life. In such case, what is the back-up for the youngster in future? After renal transplant, unlike all other diseases, we are all become very...very…normal human-beings and carry on our work or education, marriage, having children etc like any other normal people. Being, so how they can deny health insurance coverage to us alone? How this is justified by all the Health Insurance Companies..!?!

So, Dear readers support me/us by endorsement and support this noble cause for people like us in Bharat, who are in very, very, and very. large number to make them understand clearly, those who are in deciding position, to realize the importance and need for health insurance coverage like us -RENAL AND OTHER TRANSPLANT PATIENTS AND ARRANGE TO PASS  APPROPRIATE ORDER OR PASS/AMEND SUITABLE  LAW/S, TO GIVE HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE TO US LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL PERSON ON NORMAL PREMIUM ONLY! THANKS FOR YOUR LARGE SUPPORT!   ANANTHARAJAN, SEMBIAM, PERAMBUR, CHENNAI 11.


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