Stop rejecting Insurance claim due to hidden clauses after policy is issued

I am a Health Inc.Poly .Holder by their Lifeline-Classic Policy.My wife aged 67 yrs.diagnosed as Carcinoma-Left breast and had been undergoing Chemotherapy since 2016.As u know Chemo.can be done either OPD or on Day Care-Hospitalisation basis depending upon the condition recommendation of the attending Medical Oncologist.In my wife's case,she has to be hospitalised under Day Care which requires attendance of the Medical Oncologist/qualified nurse while administering Injection.The Insurer however rejects my claims towards Pre Hospitalisation Investigations like various blood tests,2D Echo once in 3 months,PET-CT Scan once in 6 months stating the Claims under Day Care Treatment towards Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses are not admissible under terms n conditions of the Policy.I an contemplating legal action against the Insurer.Can I hope to get justice?Thanks.justice

Shridhar Rao K., Mangaluru-575002 Karnatakak, India
2 years ago
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