Insurance companies - don't kill off the little businesses!

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The Coronavirus is having a devastating effect across the world, on lives, businesses and our future. For years companies have held insurance policies undertaken in good faith that their business might be able to ride out any severe disruption.

Yet now, just when they are needed the most, the insurance companies are not fulfilling their side of the policy, whether because the UK government is only advising people not to go out instead of mandating it, or because a venue might not have had a confirmed case of Covid-19 on its premises.

This ignores the fact that business is indeed being disrupted - whether because footfall has crashed, because sporting governing bodies have either postponed or cancelled seasons, or simply because the general public is listening to and acting on the advice. Businesses across the leisure sector - hospitality, entertainment, and sport - are now facing a financial crisis, with thousands of people already laid off and a high likelihood of many sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and more folding under the pressure.

As a rugby club we have people who have been self-isolating but who cannot get a physical test. But our insurance company still won’t pay out, citing technicalities! We’re sure that we are not alone, and this is a sector worth billions to the UK economy and it is being decimated.

We are calling on insurance companies to be the good corporate citizens that they have always made themselves out to be and to fulfil their side of the policies which were entered into good faith.