Petition for Universities to Require Proof of Health Insurance

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The Goal. To convince universities to include a proof of health insurance in their list of requirements for their application programs for international students wanting to study abroad.

The Problem. Many universities around the world are aiming for globalization and better ties with foreign countries and one way they see to achieve it is to open their doors to international exchange students. However, some universities have very relaxed terms and conditions when it comes to health insurance. Applicants then don’t feel the need to pay much attention to really investing time in understanding the importance of health insurance when abroad.

The Solution. Universities must make it clear at their application website that students who want to apply for exchange programs abroad must have the right global health insurance prior to completing their online application. This eliminates the need for students to search for health insurance once they reach their host university, therefore giving them more time to prioritize more important things like their studies, meeting with their mentors, getting accustomed to the new university and country, and so much more.

Global medical insurance is something students must take time to understand and consider because living abroad without the right coverage can take a toll on their finances and can even cause stress and burden to their families back home if ever they get ill and would need expensive medical treatment. speeds up the search for international student health insurance, and other types of insurance so visit their website today to know more.