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Insurance Companies, Medicaid & Medicare: Stop denying medically necessary medications

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Insurance companies have TOO much control over what meds they approve or deny.

Are you being denied necessary medications from your insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare or other organizations? Have you ever been denied? Have you ever had to fight for months just to get that one med that would change your life, or at least make you feel more alive?

It’s US and our DOCTORS that know us the best, what medications we need.

We need to pull together to ensure that we get the medications WE need to ensure that our doctors start having a say again and to take back our healthcare.

It’s time we had a say in what and why WE pay so much a month in premiums.

This has GOT TO STOP. We have to take back our country and have more control over our health. Our doctors’ orders should NOT be overridden by pencil pusher hiding behind red tape and the God almighty dollar sign!!

Doctors spend 7 years at medical school and further on the job training so they can be able to make the best decision for their patients.  To have them overruled by Medicaid/insurance companies is absurd.  What medical training does Medicaid or insurance carrier staff have?  Is it more than a specialist??
It is time for change.  It is time to take control of medications out of the insurance companies and Medicaids hands and back where it belongs - a doctor and their patient.

This will be a long fight, but I believe we can make a change.  That we can send a message to the people who run this country that it is not ok to leave us hanging as we are the sick and unemployed - we have the right to our medication and the right to have a basic standard of care and life.  Please HELP ME GET THIS CHANGED. PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION SO I CAN SEND IT TO THE PRESIDENT AND THE SENATE. LET'S GET THIS DONE.  Please share on your FB page too.  God Bless You ALL!!!



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