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Abide by the law (Section 2706 of the ACA) and stop discriminating!

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On January 1st, 2014 the Affordable Health Care Act became law in America.  Also, on January 1st, major insurance companies and medical groups have decided not to abide by its regulations. I am asking you today to sign this position because your right to choose the type of health care you want is being taken away from you.  Senator Tom Harkin introduced the Harkin Amendment (Section 2706) into the Affordable Health Care Act which give American’s the right to choose.  It states: “A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall not discriminate with respect to participation under the plan or coverage against any health care provider who is acting within the scope of that provider’s license or certification under applicable State law."   Every person deserves the right to make a choice for their health care.  In my case, I started my prenatal care with a traditional OB/GYN.  I believe in a holistic/whole body approach to health care and have had tremendous results through proper diet, exercise and stress management.  I was looking for a doctor that could work with my needs and be sensitive to my requests.  My doctor ended up not being that person and he suggested I go to a midwife for care.  Based on his recommendation I researched and found a very reputable, licensed birthing center in my community and put in the request to have a referral to their facility.   To make a long story short, my doctor would not issue the request, my medical group denied my request for an out of network exception multiple times and ultimately Blue Shield sent me a letter stating that they were denying my request because they have “appropriate care available”.   I ask all of you this: Do you want to be subject to a system that allows some male corporate executive sitting in his plush executive office telling a pregnant woman what is “appropriate care”?   I contend that because of the Harkin Amendment, they no longer have the right to make that decision.  We, as humans, have the right to make that choice for ourselves.  Refusal to abide by this law threatens all of our human rights.  This is not just about a pregnant woman and her choice on how and where to have a baby, this extends into all type of medical care.   John Weeks, Publisher and Editor of Integrator Blog News and Reports,  summed it up well is his article that appeared in the Huffington Post:   The Health Care industry and certain members of Congress are trying to strip this right away from us.  Even though it is now law, insurance companies are refusing to follow it because they have members of Congress fighting to have it revoked.  It seems that our Congress only wants to support medical practices that push pills as the solution.  No doubt big Pharma is behind this.  They do not want us to have the right to seek out holistic, natural options to health care.  They simply want to drive their profits up by getting us hooked on their pills - they are benefitting in grossly ill-conceived ways at the expense of all of us.   It is time to take a stand.  Please support an individual's right to choice for their method of health care.  Tell the insurance companies and Congress that it is wrong to break the law.  They must follow the requirements of the Harkin Amendment (Section 2706)! Please sign this petition and pass it along to everyone you know if you believe that it is your right (and not an insurance company executive) to choose the type of health care you receive.   Tell the Insurance Industry that they must follow the law established and not discriminate!

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