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Stop the assault on stay at home mothers!

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Mothers have value!

 Right now in Lansing lawmakers are asking "what is a mother worth", and you will be surprised at the answer some lawmakers are giving. Senate Bill 1115  says that stay-at-home mothers and homeschooling mothers should be categorized as "non economic" value when it comes to malpractice hearings. I can say a lot about the value stay at home mothers have to their families and society as a whole but "non economic" would not be a term I use.

Some lawmakers say that this will save money in frivolous lawsuits but all this really does is protect a few reckless doctors and hurts moms and families.  Currently, if a stay at home mom or a mom that is homeschooling is injured by a doctor's error she is entitled to financial recovery from the doctor for child care and household services she performed but some lawmakers would like to change this. In Michigan, this means a mom could only recover up to $425,000 no matter how bad she is injured for the rest of her life. This change could make it impossible for a family to take care of their children after the error of a reckless doctor. No doubt we need to address the problem of healthcare cost in our state but should we do it on the backs of  injured moms?

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