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Enhance Security at IE

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On February 27, 2017, Sara AlTaweel, a fellow MRCB student’s computer was stolen IN class. Sara arrived on time ready to present for a final group presentation. However after a few minutes arriving to class, she noticed that her computer was no longer on her desk. At the time, other students noticed a strange man walking around the building whom they perceived to be a professor dressed in all black. This is disturbing as similar stories like this one has been going around repeatedly and without much action done.

Currently there is a security guard in the front of the MM 11-13 gate, however this clearly does not stop outsiders coming in and out from our campus. Personally, I have never seen a security guard stop or ask questions to people from securing that they have access to our campus.

The lack of proper security is unacceptable. IE does not have the proper security procedures to avoid these situations and protect our safety. As a student, I do not feel safe entering campus knowing that any stranger can come in and out as pleases and consequently, as what happened earlier today, taking personal belongings and necessary school supplies needed to succeed in the IE programs.

Moving forward, IE should implicate the same scanners like the ones in MM31 to accurately identify each person that enters the campus. This will reduce theft and will make us feel safer. Additionally, I would like to request on behalf of myself and the rest of the MRCB student body that IE reimburse Sara with a new computer.

Thank you,

Melissa and the MRCB Student Body

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