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Members of the Practicing CMA community have been perpetually denied their fundamental right to the AUDIT profession by keeping them outside the purview of Tax Audit.

We believe that this is unfair and unjust.

The CA community has been using their political connections to protect their monopoly in the AUDIT area. And, in spite of the merit of our Members, our Institute has not been able to secure them justice for over last two decades.

Adv Anand Pandey and his few legal-practitioner colleagues have now proposed to set-up an "Association of CMA community" that would file a PIL [Public Interest Litigation] in appropriate Court seeking an end to this unjust monopoly.

This Association was launched on 15th August 2020.

I am a well-wisher and supporter of this cause.

If you are a CMA / budding CMA... and want to join this Association then kindly sign-up here. Our volunteers would get in touch with you within a fortnight.