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A Day-off in between 2 exams is not a Luxury, but a Necessity!

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Dear CMA Fraternity,

We are all aware of our syllabus, it's vastness, rigour of the exam and the Exam schedule. Among the professional courses, CMA (and CS) must be the only course where they put the students to test, by making them undergo 8 exams back to back without even a time gap to breathe...

Conducting exam in such a manner is not only grossly unfair to the students, but is also inhumane. Students are not machines and it is optimistic to the point of foolishness to expect, vast majority of students to perform well in the exam without so much of a chance to even go through the topics one last time. 

Requests have been submitted by students many times raising this issue, but no collective request has been made so far. So let us take this opportunity to make a submission to the Institute requesting to grant at least a day off in between 2 exams and this time we will do so by making our points clear.

The Benefits of 1 day gap between 2Exams:

1. Most of the students reside at a considerable distance from the Exam centre , even though it is the nearest available one which means a student after finishing an exam may need to spend at least 2-3 hrs or may be even more considering the traffic , before he can reach home and the result is that, practically he is out of time to even go through the notes , the next day, leading to poor performance.

2. Studies have already proved that, a good night's sleep is essential for the best performance in any activity requiring memory, skill, attention and concentration. When the exams are being conducted with out a day's gap, there is a tendency among students to skip sleep, which takes a toll on their mental and physical health leading to poor performance.

3. Positive effect on pass percentage. Most of the students who lose by securing marks in between 180-200 / 35 -40 shall stand to gain if a day is introduced in between. It will be not only advantageous for the students but the mental relief one feels by foregoing another 6 months of uncertainty has no bounds. Total pass percentage of the Institute shall also increase considerably without compromising the standards. It's a two-way benefit. 

4. The famous claim of being at par with CA institute. Well they provide a day's gap for the students and the CMA institute who insist on being at par with them may follow them in that aspect as well. 

The major contention of the Institute against passing the same is that, in the old days, they used to appear for 2 exams per day. Well, our answer to that is, their forefathers used to travel in bullock cart, but they don't do it anymore, do they? Progress is impossible without change and also had there been no change there'd be no butterflies. 

If you think these points are valid, and you wish to see a change, let's join together with a vision to make life better, for ourselves, the fellow students at present and those who will join us in future. For that, you need to share this petition as wide as possible, collect maximum support, make ourselves visible so that ignoring us gonna be a major feat. 

The fellow students who wish to join this endeavor may sign this petition and leave your name, stage, reg no. Phone number and emai id. This is particularly important to prove that each support we aggregate is an original one and not a decoy.

The senior members who wish to support us in this endeavor are always welcome and the younger generation shall always be grateful to you for helping us out when we were in need. 

If anyone wishes to add any additional points, just drop in a mail to . I will see that it is included.





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