Come Clean, oh my ICMAI !

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Hello, Respected Council Members and the Directorates.

I made six attempts to reach out to you and provide an opportunity to set things right before I go on any public forum. This is a copy of the mail I have sent to most Council Members that matter and respective Directors.  Six mails, and not a single one has bothered to respond (or even acknowledged) over last 100 days.  I have had personal [telecall] submission to a few Council members. Received the assurance to revert, but then nothing again.

As a responsible member of the Institute, I did not wish to malign the public standing of MY Institute. But then, as Office Bearers and Paid Executives I would like to believe that you have a bigger responsibility to protect the public standing of our profession. Yours seems a short-term approach and not long-term. Curbing the symptoms instead of curing the root causes.

Since 2012 I have been pursuing the cause of some 5.0 to 6.5L (so claimed) registered Students to the course. I am wanting to protect them from motivated mis-information. I want them to make their choice to join the course with full and correct information. I thought, that the ways adopted by the Official body were in-congruent to the interest of the large student community trapped in hope. I thought, I could be wrong in my impression. And, hence I pursued factual data... that seemed so illusive.

Then, I confronted the decision makers with the RTI data obtained.

Somehow, my inquiries have not been able to cut the ice.

Silence can sometimes be the better alternative. But, please NOT in this case.


I hope, that someone from the Committees would want to stop the Institute getting a public coverage for a wrong reason.

I need to make a difference between the INSTITUTE and the PEOPLE RUNNING THE INSTITUTE.

Your choices have endangered the credibility of the Institute.

And, anytime in future I do not want any Member to get an impression that YOU did not have opportunity to stop me from going public.

Just to reiterate the extent of apparent falsification, I am reproducing a part of the enclosure. Please note, that these are RTI figures provided by the PIO on Institute's Letterhead.

For Jun-17, Inter of 2012 Syllabus
Students appeared: 16,052
Students passed: 1,576
Legitimate percentage passed: 9.82% [mathematically computed (1576/16052)]
ICMAI President's communique plus the RTI percent figure provided: 20.75%

For Jun-17, Inter of 2016 Syllabus
Students appeared: 5,301
Students passed: 388
Legitimate percentage passed: 7.32% [mathematically computed (388/5301)]
ICMAI President's communique plus the RTI percent figure provided: 32.26%

I have submitted to you 26 such figures since Dec '13 that the PIO has falsified under the RTI.  And, it seems incidental that the falsification started only after introduction of Syllabus-2012.  And, that the fresh registrations to the Course in the same times are dropped to just about 33% of 2012-13.

Having concluded the apparent falsification of the CMA results, I now have four options for redressal

1. Complain against the PIO under the RTI Act, as appropriate to the Central Information Commission.
2. Request for a disciplinary action against the PIO and all concerned including the President under the ICWAI Act.
3. Put the apparent organised falsification practices in the public domain (Press).
4. Write to the Office of the PMO with a copy to MCA.

With a humble request to discuss the ways adopted and stop me from going public.

Best wishes,
P R Ralkar

PSCopy of this communication is released NOW to dissuade you from falsifying the results for Dec '17 TO BE DECLARED on 21.02.18.  I will request for a full n true disclosure of the results at least THIS time.