Details of the roadmap adopted for aiding professionals & students associated with ICSI

Details of the roadmap adopted for aiding professionals & students associated with ICSI

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paras mittal started this petition to Institute of Company Secretaries of India (President) and


The Governing Council

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)

Subject:    Details of the roadmap adopted for aiding professionals and students associated with The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and framework planned for resumption of normalcy of functioning after lifting of lockdown.

Respected Sir/Authority,

Being an informed and responsible citizen of the Republic of India and schooled as well as cultured member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), I would like to highlight that the professionals who have taken up their private practice and recent pass outs who did not get jobs yet or the professionals whose jobs lost, is going through an accelerated turmoil of loss of clientele, work and finances which they had.

Moreover, no benefit per se is being announced for the student and members associated with the aforementioned governing Institute under the hardship times of lockdown imposed in line of the Covid-19 Pandemic declared round the world, which is highly demoralising & demotivating.

In reference to the same, I urge the governing council and Institute addressed hereby to prepare a roadmap, while considering the following questions which are hereby being posed on you:

1.         Have you sought representation from your members regarding the problems and infirmity being faced by them in the hard times of the instant lockdown period, wherein expenditure is recurring but the source of income had become stand still?


2.         Whether making payment in Relief Funds of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and Hon’ble Chief Ministers of states or with the NGO’s will fruition your associated members and students?


3.         The governing council treasury are flooded with funds, sponsorships, finances etc. and despite of having such huge funds, can council waive the enrolment fee for the students, examination fees for the students or membership fees from new members or renewal of membership fee from the young & newly entrants in their  profession?


4.         Whether any payment in the head of ad-interim relief or lending facility is given to their associated members or students for leading a humane life in the times of lockdown, when they are bereft of any income?


5.         What advisory are being formulated by the governing Institute for mitigating the risks & aiding their members and students in terms of relaxations in stringent procedural requirement and other formalities?


6.         What is the roadmap for admitting the newly entrants and how will they be given practice license, because this lockdown is not showing any traces of being lifted in the recent times to come and what will the process of conducting examinations?


7.         Are councils keeping note of the emotional and mental well being of their members and students which they are going through in the period of lockdown and what all steps are taken to combat the same and make their schedule busy and worry-free?



8.         No prediction as to the period of lockdown be made, so for enhancing the productivity, are specialised free training sessions being conducted by the council for their members, so as to make them ready for the hard times after the lockdown is lifted and how the change in the protocol as well as methodology of working will be changed in total?


9.         Whether members and students are being equipped with the free tools which the recent trend under the Covid-19 Pandemic requires, with special edge towards making their livelihood secured & be lived with ease?


10.      What efforts the governing Institute are being embedded into for making cross-synergy platforms, whereby a collective effort of all professionals is required to devise a new methodology of practice in recent times to come?


11.      Whether professionals are being trained to resume their practice or working after the situation of normalcy arrive and are not being in a situation of lack of funds or resources?


If the governing council and Institute is taking positive and timely steps to all the aforesaid questions, then we are blessed to uphold the moral principles and values which our motherland owes its foundation, but if not taken, then a subsequent primary responsibility is on our shoulders to collectively work for resumption of work and boost our economy, with enhancing ease of living of all our members and students.

In reference to the same, I would like to humbly present before you, certain measures and steps which is indeed important to be taken, so as to maintain emotional & mental well-being in these hard-times and which can aid us to flourish our economy and resumption of normal working in the days to come, which are hereby tabled as follows:

1.         Despite of huge transfer of payment to the relief funds, it is respectfully placed that those amounts be used for the protection, securing and providing adequate living to the members and students of the governing Institute and in respect of the same, a proper roadmap be developed by council.


2.         An effort in the area of cross-synergy and technical training be initiated on behalf of council as part & parcel of social engineering & social solidarity, because these hard-times require collective efforts and not individual actions of council.


3.         That, representation as to the problems and suggestions be called from all the members of the governing Institute and a framework as to the same be developed in respect of aiding them, resumption of normalcy work and practices which should be adhered when lockdown be lifted and even in the period of lockdown, how the professional services be rendered.


4.         Free Technical Training sessions, free sessions pertaining to psychology and emotional well-being be carried out so as to maintain the healthy mind of everyone connected to the governing Institute and interaction at regular intervals be initiated so as make the members and students motivated & confident in relation to that, someone is there to help you in the times of grave hardship and difficulty.


5.         A taskforce be prepared who should ponder upon the questions posed above and notification or circular to the effect of same should be conveyed at earliest.

Hereby I give pause to my thoughts, with a hope that immediate action in reference to the instant letter be initiated and governing Institute will help their members and students first and thereby look for the welfare & well-being of the society, at the later part of the situation being faced by our beautiful nation and purportedly the entire world, collectively.

Thanking you with Kind Regards,

Paras Mittal (Mem no 19875),

Mb: +91-9971002715








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