Region lock Chinese players in Atlas

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This petition is in response to the overwhelming amount of players who are requesting a region lock for Chinese players. This is due to the way these players play the games. There are plenty of friendly Chinese players as well, but due to the overwhelming amount of “zerg” style forces they play as completely clashes with how the majority of the other player groups play this game. There have been multiple accounts where players bases are never safe cannot enjoy this game, because if they finally hope offline their base will be completely over ran and annialted leaving countless hours of work brought to nothingness. The main companies such as CTSG and other big Chinese groups who play this game take shift while playing this game which the majority of the other player base simply cannot do, we have life’s too. Their outlook on a game is different from others which is why I am asking for this as well as many other Atlas community members. I have already put in over 200+ hours in this game and I would love to continue playing this game on official servers, but due to these groups it has started to become unplayable. This brings in my last point on why we want this region lock. There are a good deal of Chinese players who develop hacks for these games and distribute them over in that region. Developing hacks is a huge market in that area and there are quite a lot of Chinese hackers in this game as well. Granted I am not saying all of them use these tools, however there are still a large amount of them that do. If this were to go through I see this game growing even more in a positive way, and reaching even a wider audience since this would open the doors for more casual players to come in and enjoy the game with a small amount of their friends. Please help is improve the community as well and keep this clean and free from any racism as this is not the place for anything such as that. This is just a huge conflict of two different play styles and ways of life. Thank you.