Install Pelican Crossing on Hound Way/Hound Road, Netley Abbey

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On 15th Oct 2014 a 12 year old child was hit by a car whilst crossing this very busy 40mph road on her way to Hamble Community Sports College. Luckily the child escaped with cuts and bruises, but this incident could easily have been fatal. HCC have acknowledged in the past the need for a Pelican Crossing on this busy stretch of road, and have even identified two potential locations. But HCC say they have no budget to allocate to this project. Every school day, up to 300 students who live in Netley Abbey or Butlocks Heath have to cross Hound Way/Hound Road twice a day to get to and from school. It is a busy 40mph road, and can be very daunting to cross. At present there is only a 'courtesy crossing' with dropped kerb and reflective bollards but this is ineffective as some students still try to cross the road at alternative points as they do not feel safe at this crossing, so take their chances else where. How many children have to be injured or killed on this road before HCC will allocate budget to this crossing. In my opinion, 1 injured child is quite enough thank you, and should be a wake-up call to all concerned that urgent action needs to be taken. If you don't want the next injured child to be yours, sign the petition and call for action NOW! (you have to be at least 13 years of age to sign this petition). YOU CAN ALSO SIGN THE PETITION IN PERSON AT HOUND PARISH OFFICE, STATION ROAD, NETLEY ABBEY FROM 10AM TO 12 NOON WEEKDAYS, OR AT THE CO-OP, STATION ROAD, NETLEY ABBEY

UPDATE: Hound Parish and Eastleigh Borough Councils are in full support of this campaign, and so are Governors of Hamble Community Sports College and Netley Abbey Junior School. Mike Thornton MP has pledged to support our campaign. Over the last week I have been in touch with many members of the community and attended a Hound Parish Planning meeting. What has become apparant is that the local council and community has been trying to get a pelican crossing installed for decades, and despite the number of incidents in that time, and despite a HCC survey supporting the need for a pelican crossing, we are not a high enough priority to secure funding. If we had a few more serious accidents, or a dead child, then it would increase our chances of getting funding for a pelican crossing. I do not want to wait until then as I think our community has waited long enough! I think it is unacceptable for HCC to gamble with the lives of our children in this way. We need as many supporters as possible, so if you have not signed yet, please do.

HCC response: HCC have formally responded to this petition by questioning it's validity! They have someone going through each and every signature checking they exist! I have sent a list names with postcodes to HCC as I had to 'prove' they were from within Hampshire County Council area which the vast majority of signatures are as they have SO31 postcode so will be 'recongnised' by HCC. They have told we that they will not 'recongnise' any signatures with a postcode within Southampton City Council area e.g. Woolston, Sholing etc. I have explained that many students at Hamble College live in within Southampton City Council area and there are concerned relatives within Southampton area. I even explained that the witness to last weeks incident lives in Sholing, but drops her daughter off in Netley Abbey to walk to school with friends, as do many other parents. I find it insulting that instead of dealing with the petition, they are wasting resources trying to discredit it. They will not formally investigate the petition until I 'formally submit it', but once it is submitted they will ignore all future signatures! Total bureaucracy!

HCC update: HCC have agreed that they WILL recognise Southampton City Council area postcodes as valid as they acknowledge that children from these areas do attend Hamble Community Sports College! Some common sense at last...

UPDATE: Mike Thornton MP met with me and has seen the issues of crossing Hound Road/Hound Way for himself. He agrees that a pelican crossing is needed and will be writing to HCC to ask that they look at this issue urgently and give it priority.

FULL RESPONSE FROM Cllr Woodward at HCC 22nd Dec 2014:

22 December 2014
Dear Mrs Hutchinson

Petition for crossing on Hound Way/Road, Netley Abbey

Following the petition you presented to the full Council meeting on 27 November 2014, officers have investigated your request to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing on Hound Road. The first stage of the process was to assess the proposed site for the crossing against our established evaluation criteria for controlled crossings. I am pleased to be able to advise you that the survey has now been carried out and has established that the volume of traffic and the number of people crossing the road meets the test and a controlled crossing would
therefore be justified against our policy. We now need to carry out a technical assessment to confirm that controlled crossing can be safely installed and will function effectively at this location. Once this work is completed, and I envisage that the outcome will be positive, I will of course inform you of the outcome and the likely timetable for the next steps. The final stage of the process will be to identify funding in order to add the scheme to the capital programme, assuming that it is technically feasible.

County Council funding for highway improvements is limited, not least because the Government is reducing our highways and transport improvement budget by up to 50% from April to redirect money to their Local Growth Fund administered by the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to fund transport projects to support economic growth.

Alternative funding for highway improvements can become available through developer contributions; but at the current time there are insufficient developer contributions available locally to fully fund the likely costs of a crossing facility.

However I have listened carefully to the case you and the local community have made and I will certainly be giving very full consideration to try to identify funding for a scheme, ideally to go ahead in the first part of next financial year, to try to get a facility in place for the start of the new school year in September 2015. I must stress however that this is dependent on technical feasibility and identification of funding.

Turning to your secondary request to reduce the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph. Officers have advised that the outcome from our initial technical assessment is that this section of Hound Road does not meet the criteria for a 30 mph limit. Speed limits are set to reflect the character of the road, which in turn affects the speed the majority of drivers are likely to adopt. Setting a speed limit substantially lower than this would require continuing police enforcement to be effective; an over-reliance on enforcement in this way would be against the policy of both the County Council and the Police.

I have asked the County Council’s Road Safety and School Travel Plan teams to make contact with Hamble Community Sports College. These teams provide a range of targeted road safety training and awareness campaigns to schools across Hampshire, and work with teachers, parents and of course pupils, to provide basic road safety skills to younger children and awareness training for older children.

The County Council takes road safety very seriously, and we are rightly proud of our record in reducing road casualties in recent years. We have proven policies and approaches that have been successfully established over a number of years with the aim of reducing casualties, with a focus on sites or incidents where people have been killed or seriously injured. These are set out in our Local Transport Plan 2011-2031. Maintaining our road safety programmes will continue to be our priority for funding after the Government's
reduction in our transport grant, which is why I cannot be certain at this stage on being able to find funding for this scheme which would not score highly against our casualty reduction programme assessments.

Yours sincerely
Councillor Seán Woodward
Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment

Cc Mike Thornton MP
Hound Parish Council
Councillor Keith House, Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council
Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council

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