Install lights at Oahu skateparks

Install lights at Oahu skateparks

April 30, 2021
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Started by Coty Tenorio

Please install lights at our local skateparks. Once it’s dark skateparks are closed mean while public parks and courts have lights that turn on @7pm then turn off at 10:00pm most of the times there’s nobody in the fields/courts but the lights are on. I can assure you if the skateparks have lights skaters will use every second of our lights which are paid by tax payers money.

EZ SKATE CO. been lighting up the parks at our own expense for the kids that skateboard in Hawaii. Skateboarding has changed and people have come together more then ever. Parents bring their kids to our light up park events so they have more time to train and achieve their skateboarding dreams. As you know 2020 Olympics featured Heimana Reynolds Hawaiis own. This sport has exploded and Hawaii has some of the best skaters the world has to offer. Kids look up to these athletes and want to follow in their footsteps. Allowing lights to be installed at our parks will boost talent and also give our youth a outlet preventing them from making bad choices away from the sport. Night time is the most influential time of day that kids would make bad decisions. Skateboarding saves lives it saved mines please understand that skateboarding has changed for the better. Kids love it. we are not hoodlums we are athletes most importantly we are a family and we all look out for each other no matter what skill level or age.
 Please find it in your heart to sign this petition because your tax money goes to empty fields at night with the lights on but no one in it. 

  Mililani skatepark has the power box and pillars for the lights already installed but unfortunate when it was being built someone complained and the light never got installed. Maybe that park would be a great place to start & finish installing the lights and the rest of the islands parks to follow. 


lights up Mililani skatepark every single Monday 

lights up Kapolei skatepark every single Wednesday 

come see what we’re all about you won’t be disappointed 

Thank you for your time 

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Signatures: 3,046Next Goal: 5,000
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