Install fob access to doors and elevator

Install fob access to doors and elevator

September 12, 2022
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Started by noosh chizhikian

The residents of this building are concerned with the safety and accessibility of this structure. Due to the large homeless population and high crime rates lately in the neighborhood, we feel that action should be taken to ensure the safety of the tenants. 

We residents fear our safety as the main entrances to the building are more accessible than the exits. Several entrances to the building are way too easy to access and have proven to be by all the break ins into the building. It is very easy for someone to walk in after a car through the garage gate and open the door to the lobby without a key as well as access to  the elevators leading to all the units. Inversely, you need a key to exit the building into the parking making it difficult to escape quickly. Similarly, the front glass door leading into the main lobby requires a key to enter the building making it time consuming to enter quickly in an emergency situation. Also there has been an ongoing issue with the front glass door staying ajar which might be another gateway to unwanted guests. 

Multiple incidents have proven for unsolicited access to the building to be very easy. In the past we have had several car break ins in the garage, packages being stolen by nonresidents, unknown people including homeless getting into the lobby and approaching units. We have had several outsiders come into the building and lounge in the common areas. And most importantly a murder that took place right in front of the building where two homeless people got into a fight, one of them fatally shooting the other. Most if not all of these incidents are in tenant records by video footage. 

The residents of this building have been actively risking their safety to prevent these events. Some tenants have physically approached unwanted visitors including a man who frequently entered the building to steal packages and multiple strangers wandering and lounging in the building, several 911 calls have been by tenants to address events that have occurred, and some tenants have even propped up a fake security dummy to ward off intruders. 

As a community, we feel that management has failed to address these safety issues properly and put into effect solutions to ensure our safety.

Some of the things we view as helpful solutions are as follows:


1) Install key fobs on ALL doors entering and exiting the building including the elevator.

Adding key fobs will allow more limited access to unwanted visitors and will aid as a quick entry for tenants in emergency situations. Limited elevator access to those with fobs will allow controlled access to the units.

From our research the entirety of this installation should be somewhere between $2,000-$5000.

2) Bring a door technician to install a mechanism allowing the front glass door to shut on its own tightly without the possibility of it staying ajar. 

3) Add more cameras in the common areas, exterior, interior, hallways etc.


4) Post warning signs indicating recording.


5) Hire 24 hour security.


We strongly urge management to take these simple measures to ensure the safety of its residents. They are very small gestures to try to prevent endangering a resident. 


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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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