Install BIG COUNT DOWN TIMER at all traffic lights

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Currently,when approaching the traffic "green" lights, drivers unable to tell in advance when the green light is changing to amber light. Driver always get caught by a sudden change of green light to amber light. 

With this sudden change of green light to amber light, some drivers may choose to rush and cross the traffic junction at this critical moment and causing lots of accidents happened at traffic light junction.

If driver able to see from far how many more seconds the green light is changing to amber light, driver can gradually slow down before approaching the traffic light and slowly stop at traffic instead of sudden break.

With BIG COUNT DOWN TIMER, diver no longer under pressure or dilemma situation whether to stop or continue driving.Driver can make a clear decision at far when to slow down and stop at traffic junction.

I ever wrote to LTA to suggest the installation of count down meter, but LTA rejected my suggestion by saying driver may choose rush to cross the traffic junction when driver notice only few second left. I cannot deny there are drivers will behave this manner. My question is does it make a different under current traffic light system, if a driver choose to rush and cross during the amber light just because is too last minutes for them to break?

A sudden break may cause vehicle at the back unable to stop on time and hits on rear side of front vehicle too. This is very dangerous especially for big track or lorry or bus, it is very difficult for them to break suddenly.

Hence, i would like to seek support from all drivers to support this petition to appeal LTA to install the BIG COUNT DOWN METER at all traffic lights; whereby all drivers can see from far when the green light is changing to amber and driver can slow down their vehicle and slowly yet safely stop just before the green light change to amber light.