Unban Meme Pages On Instagram

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!

On Friday, July 26 2019, Instagram deleted many big meme pages permanently with no chance of them getting their accounts back. A few examples of the accounts banned are:

@/spicy.mp4- 535k
@/grandpasgenitals- 586k
@/zuwamba- 282k
@/yerdank- 255k
@/thespedshed- 772k
@/godsbleach- 496k
@/meme_hummus- 153k
@/autist- 600k
@/bofaballs- 578k
@/yore- 51k
@/sup.david- 1k
@/c6ige- 3k
@/wokeist- 359k
@/wokeistt- 83k
@/dailymemes.exe- 421k
@/deadv1- 98k
@/sourpods- 465k
@/silentmemes- 266k
@/deepfriedlays- 386k
@/suucle- 115k
@/moonmemes.v1- 544k
@/finnamemes- 603k
@/towelies- 527k
@/dimetriuzz- 24k
@/henry.vro- 16k
@/medicalthing- 2.7m
@/darted- 595k
@/uniquevines- 8.4m
@/femalesdoingthings- 479k
@/babebuddy- 765k
@/laugh.s- 3m
@/Finest.Inventions- 12.1m
@/grandmas.buttwhole- 1.3m
@/zuccccccccccc- 1.2m
@/overthunk- 1.3m
@/meccha.memes- 2.4m
@/jewflex- 56k
@/succccccccccccc- 3.7m
@/memestars- 454k
@/memeextraordinaire- 42k
@/lewisweed- 4k
@/hexxthegon- 300k
@/hexxthegon.v2- 95k
@/lxphy- 108k
@/cumward- 471k
@/thixc.memes.v3- 310k
@/slorted- 59k
@/suucled- 16k
@/memesamirite_v2- 129k
@/carter.ent- 360k
@/godsbleach- 440k
@/flame.v1- 430k
@/lolkowalski - 1.2m

and many others.

This petition is for all the accounts that were unfairly banned to be unbanned. These accounts were banned out of the blue with no warning and did not break any rules.


- Leo