Unban @dailygreentexts

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@dailygreentexts was banned from Instagram for violations of the community guidelines. However the posts are actually not promoting anything unethical like hatespeech, racism or violence. The posts are so called greentexts, which can be defined as follows:

A popular device used for quotation and storytelling.

This began on imageboards, where quoting text places a > in front of it, turning it green. This effect can also be done manually. Before long, this feature was put to innovative use. Its major use is storytelling, in which a lengthy story is told through fragmentary statements in greentext.

Greentext became highly popular because of its convenience. When telling a story, stringing together sentence fragments is a grammatically easier alternative to prose composition (it also makes for lighter reading).

This feature has become so widespread that it is used outside of imageboards (eg Youtube or Instagram comments).

The posts on @dailygreentexts were just stories like those, often satiric, wholesome or sad. So together we request that the account owner is given another chance.