Instagram, meet with Rebecca Crow (@katsandcrows) to discuss sex worker rights on Insta!

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Instagram's censorship policy is disproportionately affecting sex workers on Instagram.

We try our best to stay within Instagram's vague guidelines, but increasing numbers of sex workers are having their accounts deactivated un-fairly and seriously impacting our ability to maintain our businesses. 

Recently new guidelines have been introduced which seriously concern our community. You can see an example here:

Instagram needs to listen to the voices of people in the sex work industry to see how they can update their policies to maintain a safe and free platform for all whilst not disproportionately impacting sex workers businesses. 

  • We want clarity on what we can and cannot post.
  • We want the same privileges as those who have contacts through the Strategic Partnerships Department at Instagram HQ (e.g. celebrities, verified profiles).
  • We want to have all the currently deactivated accounts of sex workers to be reviewed for reactivation.
  • We want to be able to promote our businesses without fear of discrimination/deactivation and feel we are able to turn to Instagram for help when others abuse Instagram to in turn abuse us. 

My name is Rebecca Crow, I am a UK based sex worker and I had my Instagram (@katsandcrows) deactivated on Friday 12th April. I want to fight for not just the reactivation of my Instagram, but also all other sex worker's deactivated Instagram accounts. Have you been deactivated? Let us know using this webform:

EDIT: @KATSANDCROWS INSTAGRAM HAS BEEN REACTIVATED! Follow this account for all the latest news and updates;  

Policies are constantly made that affect us, but we are never consulted. LISTEN TO SEX WORKERS!

For more information, please see the IGTV on this Instagram account from which I'm currently operating:

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