Stop Cannabis Censorship on

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Are you tired of Cannabis censorship on Instagram? Sign this petition and let the world know that cannabis is a SAFE plant used for many different medicinal properties and SHOULD NOT be censored. 

This includes but is not limited it; taking down posts related to medicinal cannabis, flagging cannabis accounts, shadowbanning cannabis accounts (users no longer able to appear in hash tags), removing cannabis accounts from Instagram! As well as; flagging ages appropriate material in the cannabis community such as but not limited to photos of vape mods, photos of edibles, photos of cannabis plants, photos of cannabis use, etc. 

We MUST ALLOW cannabis advocates and representatives do their JOB and earn their INCOME. If it is legal in the users state, it should be LEGAL TO POST ABOUT ON INSTAGRAM.COM!

Furthermore, to make up for all of Instagrams wrong-doings by taking down hard working cannabis advocate accounts, photos, artwork, etc we as to make a formal apology to the community and allow us to peacefully post our content as long as it is legal and appropriate for instagrams guidelines.