Stop banning pole dancer hashtags from Instagram

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I am 53 years old, and a proud pole dancer. It is my community.  It is my strength.  Over the last days/weeks, our community has been progressively banned from posting pics of of own physical achievements by Instagram.  We reach out to each other and support each via our hashtags and this bond is being violated.  While we expose skin to grip to the pole, we also embrace our bodies, no matter their age, appearance, race or gender.  There is no fat shaming here.  Our community supports and strengthens each other in physical and mental health   We celebrate our bodies.  We adhere to the Instagram rules and cover what is asked.  Please do not deny us the ability to reach across our community.

I'm attaching a picture of Michelle Shimmy (with permission) whose athleticism and spirit has provided us with so many inspiring hashtags.  Please allow us to continue to celebrate our sport together.