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Dear Instagram,

Recently you banned a total of 100+ Popular meme pages causing a widespread panic on your platform (7-26-19) . As a meme page owner myself who's been affected by this, please reconsider what you're doing to us influencers who bring millions of traction to your platform. Not only are you affecting your very own traction but hurting those who used your platform to make side income to pay off their college tuition, medical bills, and so on.


If you continue to harm us influencers, we'll have no choice but to move onto Snapchat (cause yall being dicks now). 


Much Love,

Instagram: @B3Y


------------ACCOUNTS AFFECTED BY THIS--------

@Finest.Inventions: 13M+ followers
@uniquevines: 8.3M+ followers
@laugh.s: 3M+ followers
@medicalthing: 2.6M+ followers
@meccha.memes: 2.1M+ followers
@thespedshed: 704K+ followers
@babebuddy: 684K+ followers
@darted: 578K+ followers
@autist: 529K+ followers
@femalesdoingthings: 474K+ followers
@spicy.mp4: 472K+ followers
@wokeist: 420K+ followers
@godsbleach: 396K+ followers
@dailymemes.exe: 315K+ followers
@hexxthegon: 300K+ followers
@zuwamba: 273K+ followers
@sourpods: 255K+ followers
@deepfriedlays: 194K+ followers
@silentmemes: 168K+ followers
@suucle: 115K+ followers
@yerdank: 105K+ followers
@deadv1: 96K+ followers
@meme_hummus: 89K+ followers
@hexxthegon.v2 87K+ followers
@nutted: 53K+ followers
@yore: 12K+ followers
@sup.david: 10K+ followers