Sack Steve Hocking From The AFL

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This flog Steve Hocking wants to reduce tackling and bumps in the AFL.

This bald headed flog needs to GO

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The AFL is examining the issue of excessive tackling, with football boss Steve Hocking saying the AFL wants to reduce the amount of tackling in the game. Hocking said that tackling had become ‘‘a feature’’ of the game and that the AFL wanted to see the number of tackles reduced, although he did not specify the desired number. ‘‘I have a very strong view on that. It has become a feature of our game and all the stuff that we’re analysing is how to get a balance back in that so that it’s not a feature of the game. ‘‘I don’t think there’s a number ... but certainly we don’t want that [tackling] necessarily as a skill.’’ Hocking did not say how tackling could be reduced, although he did also speak about the AFL’s continued interest in reducing congestion around the ball and spreading the field.
‘‘We need more time on that, to understand it [tackling]. But people should take some confidence that we are looking at the right things.’’