Report Human Trafficking/Child Abuse On Instagram

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In attempting to report accounts for child abuse, human trafficking, selling their kids, there is no button on the Instagram report page that says “REPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING”. HOW?? why?? No child abuse function? No “sale of human” but sale of drugs and animal abuse? Instagram is used to sell humans, children, underage minors, etc. Not just for exploitation, but for labor. They are manipulated and trapped. By not having a clear way for Instagram to be made aware of things like this, it allows the facilitation of abuse and trafficking to happen by neglecting this option and oversight. 

After looking into every possible option on HOW to report this.... no option seemed fitting enough. Which then causes instagram to say “this doesn’t go against our guidelines”.....

currently the only way to report > inappropriate > sexual activity > sexual exploitation. But I want to challenge there to be a way to REPORT accounts like these so that they can be investigated and stopped, and REPORTED. So that there is a chance to stop those who engage in this. 

Instagram needs to be better. There needs to be a specific choice on the “report account” page that reports this type of ILLEGAL disgusting behavior and is a part of the solution to changing this in our society.