Remove pedophilic content from Instagram

Remove pedophilic content from Instagram

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Ryan Smith started this petition to Instagram

There are many accounts across Instagram that are for the purpose of "promoting young girls interested in modeling." These accounts feature young girls to teenagers dressed in overly provocative clothing. Not only are the posts disgusting, but so are the comment sections on them. On one post of a girl who is obviously an adolescent, there are comments such as "your hot," and "Such a very beautiful model absolutely amazing legs" both from older men. The first page I found (through another account saying to report them) disabled their comments, not because of comments like these, but because of comments calling the account owner and the people who comment on them pedophiles.

When reported these accounts do not get touched, the response given is "We've review _____'s account and found that it doesn't go against our Community Guidelines." All this says it that Instagram is accepting of pedophilia on their platform, and it absolutely outraging. These young girls cannot be exploited like this, and the pedophiles who follow these accounts should not have their disgusting cravings supplied. The attempts to get these accounts banned have not work yet, and have actually increased the number of people who have view the pages, which the owners love. Some pages that are against the pedophiles have suggested to comment on the people who comment disgusting thing's posts, but this is a reactive and chaotic approach. Instagram's rules should be changed for the better.

I will now continue with more gross comments for the rest of the explanation.

"Such a pretty model beautiful legs that will take over very far" (Side note: This is from the same person as the second comment earlier, on a different post on the same account)

"Beautiful body, harmonic and slim"

"Beautiful pictures and beautiful young girl from head to toe, beautiful feet"

"Hermosas piernas saludos" (This translates to "Beautiful legs greetings" according to google translate.)

"Dam you are beautiful. How old are you??" (Girl looks to be no older than 13. I also found the same person with a very similar comment on another post on a different account)

"Your so beautifully lovely I like you so much lovely"

"So very pretty" (This is the same person as the first comment in the list, but a on a post on a different account.)

"Ooh sexi"

"Goodness sexy"

"Wow, who is this beautiful girl" (Mind you two of the girl's accounts are in the description and tagged in the picture.)

"(Redacted) so sweet face Love your lovely figure In all posts you look very beautiful love you lots"

I had to remove all emojis from comments as they appeared as diamonds with question marks.

If the same comment is featured in the picture consider that a citation.

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