Recovering My Business Page

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I’m a single mother of 3 who work with models and a few famous people on Instagram. I been hacked multiple times and disabled several times. I been doing my photography and photo shoots over 3 years and always had a issue with my business account. Due to Instagram disabling me as an error for over 3 months I been loosing my clients loosing business due to this incident. I have been contacting them day by day. All I get is no response or denial. I even sent screenshots of people stating they’ll take my account down and they didn’t do anything. A few days later I was shut down. I got a response from Instagram my page was reactivated which I still can’t get in and since then I get no one to respond. I don’t understand how they aren’t being professional in responding and doing anything to secure our pages! I worked to hard for my page for them to just take it down. Please help by signing this petition. I appreciate it.

Page that was deleted : @tastyy_baddiesz