Petition to Ban Toxic Substances Being Misused for #ASMR on YouTube & Instagram

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Petition to Ban Toxic Substances Being Misused for #ASMR on YouTube & Instagram

It is widely known among scientists and environmentalists that substances like “floral foam”, synthetic sponges, styrofoam and styrofoam beads, glitter, microplastics and PET plastic beads, certain ingredients of homemade slime (such as Borax), and silicon based aqua beads (i.e. Orbeez) are illicitly toxic to the environment, waterways, flora, fauna, humans, air quality, and the #ASMRtists using these products should also be aware.

ASMR is defined on WIKIPEDIA as:

“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.“

Within recent years ASMR content makers a.k.a. “ASMRtists” (ranging from all ages) have made these videos because of the touted “stimulating audio & visual” aesthetic and that ASMR videos have used to popularize these types of videos with enhanced audio and camera angles.

There are already laws in place to protect for mishandling of many of these products in the work place; such as safety goggles, high-particulate face masks, rubber gloves, and proper ventilation, approved by official governmental agencies such as NIOSH, OSHA, Board of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However there is little to no coverage in protecting the Earth from the uninformed or ignorant parties using and disposing of these toxic and carcinogenic elements in ASMR videos that have recently become popular on websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouNow, Twitch, and **most irreverently** on the popular video sites YouTube and Instagram.

For instance, when warned of the carcinogenic (known to be cancer causing) properties of a popular substance used by professional florists to create floral arrangements; some Instagram users refused to stop using Floral Foam stating that: “everything these days causes cancer” and opted to discontinue ethical measures and continue to misuse these products strictly for views and “aesthetical satisfaction”.

Many of the ASMRtists surveyed did not even know what a “carcinogen” was , and many still do not.

One Floral Foam consumer on Instagram was viewed in another video freezing water-soaked rubber dish sponges and eating them because of the touted “stimulating satisfaction” that ASMR videos have used to popularize these types of videos with enhanced audio.

It cannot be stressed enough that the complacency of many ASMRtists, retailers and manufacturers is going to or has already gotten out of hand; And popularity of the product(s) would foreseeablely be complicit, only gaining on a viral scale in a very short period of time. This will not do.


It should be widely known by every content consumer that:

• Floral Foam contains Formaldehyde and Carbon Black and are both carcinogenic.

• Styrofoam never biodegrades and is a biohazardous nuisance.

• Micro-plastics are surging in killing of water dwelling animals and suffocating waterways.


• usually the vandalism of window unit air conditioners results in teenagers results in a less form of now [sic]

• Flushing, washing down the sink, or throwing away of the products does not offset the damages that these products residually incur.

• Silicon Aqua Beads are in fact not made from gelatin but from a product much more dangerous.

• Borax is not a health-conscious slime activator.

• Creating unnecessary waste affects us all.

• “Landfill Seepage” is caused by discarding toxic elements into the trash (such as foam, batteries and chemicals) which then can deep into the soil and into ground water.

• by supporting corporations that manufacture hazardous products they then most produce more hazardous products leading to more pollution.

• by supporting one another in creating unhealthy video content more unhealthy video content would be produced.

• AND the list goes on and on...


It is not only our civic duty to disallow these types of videos from continuing to be in production but it is now placed on the shoulders of corporations like the manufacturers of these products and the insternet platforms that serve this disruption to take action and make it known that there is a deeply important respect that must be analyzed and implemented by anyone and everyone that calls themselves an artist, a content creator, an earth dweller, a consumer, an environmentalist or simply a person that ‘cares’.

This petition is not only to stop these types of videos and its creators from needless polluting and exploitation of our natural resources but also to educate and GUIDE EVERYONE in making more environmentally conscious decisions on behalf of EVERYONE.

There are almost infinite resources on the internet from vastly trusted outlets that are widely available to educate yourselves further;


The environment is not expendable. Information is free but an education is priceless!


Thanks for reading, supporting, sharing, and/or signing.




Should retailers, wholesale sellers and websites be required to place proper signage TO LET CONSUMERS KNOW immediately and before purchase of the widescale effect these products can have on the environment? 


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