DEPLATFORM Lady Samara on social media

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Lady Samara, a Tunisian content creator, has been using her platform on Instagram to spread hate speech against the queer community in Tunisia.
She mockingly speaks to her followers rising up to 445K on IG devaluating homosexuals. She started her speech with "I accept them as human beings" then went on saying slogans like "they have no morals or principles / I cannot stand seeing such disgusting dirty acts".
This Instagrammer was not ready to debate the topic and kept on encouraging her followers to speak up against homosexuality, not to be afraid to express their homophobia, and to avoid interacting with queer people.
Now she and her brother are campaigning to shut down the Instagram profiles of several gay rights activists who spoke up and gave their opinion about the issue just like she did.
Countless public figures from Tunisia and even other countries are supporting the queer community and are doing unlimited efforts to report Lady Samara's Instagram to shut down this operation of hatred and oppression and we need your help.
Also and irrelevantly speaking, she is justifying sexual harassment and falsely advising her female followers to apply unhealthy chemical products on their genitals.
For that and for many other reasons, we decided to publish this petition to report her Instagram because she’s using her fame to widespread her negative influence and discrimination for that she does not deserve the platform.
By signing this petition you are saving 445K followers from being brainwashed into this business of homophobia and hate symbols.

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