Make Instagram take down Kaylee Crisp

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Kaylee Crisp is a former realtor and a boat captain from Florida who has almost 24,000 followers on Instagram where she posts about murdering sharks for sport and encourages others to do so as well. Her Instagram handle is @captkrisp but you can also see posts pertaining to her disgusting anti-shark “movement” under #killakaylee. She has been trying to start a movement against sharks, a necessary individual in many food webs and ecosystems at sea around the world, and Instagram still hasn’t taken her page down. Her former brokerage that she listed she is employed for on her Facebook page, Keller Williams, called to inform me she hasn’t been working with them for about 3 years. They also “do not condone” her actions.  

By allowing her a place to post, she is able to garner support and is only more motivated to murder sharks and have a place to inspire others to kill as well. Instagram’s lack of concern has only fanned the flames of this dire issue. She has posted on her story about how her posts do not violate Instagram guidelines, however, it cannot be ignored that she is still displaying violence and “taking glee in pain and death!” 

By signing this petition, you could help educate others about the necessary role that sharks play in our oceans. Climate change and overfishing have already led to the loss of 90% of our sharks. Sharks play a vital role in food chains where they control populations of other species of animals. Without sharks, our entire oceans’ populations would be out of whack, which would cause food supplies to be affected as well. It’s actually in our best interest to support sharks and to do our best to take care of the species that are being harmed buy our own wrongdoings. Sharks help maintain a delicate ecosystem balance so let’s stop Kaylee Crisp from having a voice to promote her harmful practices. 

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