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Make Instagram good again!

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(Or anyone who uses Instagram)

I wanted to start my own petition to try and get Instagram to listen to people and try to sort their algorithms, hashtags and chronological order out. Many of us are experiencing problems with Instagram and have done for around a year now, and there have been many petitions to try and get Instagram to change back to the good old days where we could share our posts AND PEOPLE SEE THEM as they were posted not one from an hour ago and another from 17 hours ago - and actually grow our pages. 

I know it's an absolute long shot BUT there are so many of us in the beauty/makeup community (not to mention any other artistic community) who's posts and profiles are barely getting seen or noticed and our engagement is so low it's ridiculous... I think if enough people can sign and share it, Instagram MIGHT see it and take notice!

Note - I (manii_mua) have just shy of 3700 followers on Instagram- and my Instagram is set to business which means I can see my stats.. my engagement is stupidly low barely reaching 50 likes in 2 hours where I'm used to receiving around 200-300 likes per post.. in 6-9 hours my photos are struggling to get 100 likes.. and my reach is as low as 300-400... I get around 5 new followers a day but I can guarantee that I will also lose the same number of followers the next day which makes it impossible to grow my account. 

As a general rule of thumb you should expect to receive 10% ratio of likes to followers,

I use Instagram to share my creativity in makeup and use it as a kind of personal portfolio - also in the hopes I may be noticed by brands and possibly get work as I am a university qualified makeup artist .. social media platforms are ridiculously important to me to get jobs and share my photos but it's just crap when no one gets to see it. I know I'm not the only one in this boat as SOO many people have messaged me saying they are also being affected by this..

quotes from some of the messages received, 

"The engagement has been awful recently, so discouraging."

"It's been so nasty, my reach doesn't even get to 100 anymore."

"The exact same has happened recently with my posts, I went from getting 100+ likes to if I'm lucky getting 50."

Please sign and share this petition, I'm not as big of an influencer as I want to be but I know this is effecting so many people, no matter if they use Instagram for business or as a hobby and I want to try and do something to help myself and everyone else out - having Instagram sort there algorithms, hashtags and chronological order out WILL DO THIS!  

Help me make Instagram good again!


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