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Stop the Appropriation (theft) and exploitation of other peoples work, by Richard Prince and other people like him.

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Richard Prince outright appropriates (steals, to you and me) the work of other Artists/Photographers and calls it his own without licensing the work or paying for their work. Which in many cases takes, many hours of work by multiple people costing thousands of dollars. People put their passion, energy, and heart into their work as well as their money and it's not right or fair that someone else can appropriate (steal) it, call it their own and then profit enormously from it.

This is a violation of the copyright of the artists/photographers he appropriates (steals) from, but he has some how in the past managed to win in court through either a loophole of appropriation art and transformative "fair use" or some other means. One decision did go against him but was overturned. Which is not right in my opinion but due to the vague "fair use" laws he and people like him get away with what they do.

It's also important to note that "fair use" infringement cases and their outcomes vary and many defendants that take others work lose and end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and damages.

He and all others like him must be stopped because it is hurting not only financially but emotionally the hardworking creative people that are being appropriated (stolen) from. Any one that has ever been a victim of theft will understand this.

Imagine... That you planned out a photoshoot, you hired a model, you brought in a make up artist, found a location, set up all of your gear, spent several hours shooting. Then spent several more hours processing, editing and then retouching the images. You're proud of your work, post it online  and everyone loves it. Then you find out someone appropriated (stole, to you and me) your work and then it's hanging in a gallery and being sold for $100,000 of which you will never see a penny of it but the artist that took a screen capture of it and blew it up and the gallery both will make money on it... A lot of money!

I'm calling for...

1. Instagram to go after him legally for violating the copyright of their pages and for abuse of their social media platform and ban him from ever using it again with a legal restraining order. Contact instrgam and let them know they need to protect their users from people like this who are known offenders or they will lose the accounts of creatives.

2. Law makers to close the loophole in the copyright laws that have some how allowed him and people like him to prosper and get away with this type of theft under the guise of "Appropriation Art" and to make "Fair Use" less vague and to specifically prohibit this kind of usage.

3. Art Galleries to not show the work of artist's like this and show respect for all artists and their work by not selling work like this. 

4. The general public to sign this petition to show support for change of these laws and help protect artists and their work and then to contact your congressman and senators about this.

5. The media to support this petition and make it known so supporters can find it and sign it!

6. Anyone that has had their work stolen to take legal action against people like this who outright copy their actual work and sell it commercially.

7. To get the support from the top copyright lawyers and legal minds on how to prohibit this blatant copying of people's work under the current laws and to correct it while still allowing for some justified "Fair Use" in new laws.

8. Everyone to share this with any many people as possible.

Things must change or all creative people's work is a risk from people like this that have no respect for the hard work of other people.

He could just as easily licensed the work and paid each person who's work he took a percentage of the sale for using their work.

***If you haven't already done so Block "RichardPrince1234" on Instagram.

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