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'flattummyco' have recently launched 'appetite suppressing' lollipops with Kim Kardashian using her social media Instagram account to advertise the product.

As someone who has suffered from atypical anorexia nervosa i am highly distressed and worried for other young women/vulnerable people who could be influenced by the promotion of such a product. Please help me with my aim of getting the AD taken down and the production stopped. We could prevent many young/vulnerable members of the public from being at risk of developing an eating disorder.

The main ingredient of the lollipops is Satrieal which the 'flattummyco' site claims 'helps control food intake, cravings and weight. So with 1-2 pops per day, you’ll have your hunger under control and cravings in-check"

However, a study conducted by Gonzalez in January 2018 states '28 days of a dietary supplement containing satiereal, naringin, and vitamin D3 did not have any detectable beneficial effects on body-weight management'

Therefore scientific evidence suggests that these lollipops will make NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE to body weight. With no difference in body weight we can suggest that there is no control of food intake or cravings post consuming one of the lollipops.

"Furthermore, Sociocultural models of eating disorders have emphasized “Western” culture’s female beauty ideal of objectification of the female body as specific risk factors for the development of an eating disorder."(Striegel-Moore & Bulik, 2007)

With the current modern world labelling Kim K as 'body goals' we could argue that the promotion of an appetite suppressant combined with the idealization of Kim's body could be a factor in the development of an eating disorder.

The cultural models describe these steps: exposure to the ideal; internalization of the ideal; and experience of a discrepancy between self and ideal, which in turn leads to body dissatisfaction, dietary restraint, and restriction. In some individuals, restraint and/or restriction leads to overeating, in turn amplifying body image concerns and, thus, precipitating further restraint and/or purging (Polivy & Herman, 1985; Striegel-Moore et al., 1986)." ( Taken From Striegel-Moore & Bulik, 2007)

With a high proportion of the younger generation owning Instagram accounts they are exposed to the risk of internalizing Kim's body as ideal. In turn this could lead to restriction VIA using the 'appetite suppressing lollipops' Kim promotes. In conjunction with lollipops being low in calories and the public believing their appetites are suppressed and therefore not needing to eat ( there is reason to believe the placebo effect at play here work) there is a risk of rapid weight loss leading to health concerns or development of eating disorders.

(For the record there is one study- conducted in 2010 which is almost 8 years older than the one above. That argues Satrieal DOES decrease snacking, however there was a noticeable difference in snacking for BOTH groups (placebo effect). Furthermore, they looked at snacking alone and not the types of meals being consumed i.e one group could be eating higher volume/higher satiety/meals with increased fiber. Which could lead to the decrease in snacking. Furthermore the large decrease in snacking should have had a rather large decrease in bodyweight yet it was only 'slight'. Additionally, calories were left unrestricted therefore snacking may have decreased but it then causes the participants to have higher calorie meals. This suggests there is no control over weight management as the calories 'saved' from snacking are distributed elsewhere.)