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Kat Irlin to receive her instagram verification back, as well as a formal apology.

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Kat Irlin ( @kat_in_nyc ) was stripped of her instagram verification as well as a large amount of work that she had posted to gain clients and to also share her work and love for photography with the world. Many of her photos included woman's upper halves, and I can explain why this isn't wrong 

The definition of pornorgraphy is: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

This is absolutely the opposite of Kat's work. First of all, breasts are not sexual organs. It's the equivalent of posting a male's chest, and frankly you could see that in a magazine, to a bus add, to a coffee commercial. It's been a stigma for hundreds of years because people that find woman "attractive" also find breasts "attractive", when really their only use is to feed children. It is also legal in North America to display and walk freely in public as a woman with no upper clothing.

Next, Kat in no way posts her ART for erotic purposes. It's very difficult to fathom that her art is used for such even if you're not a fan of "nude" photography. It's very subtle and not in any way "dirty" or wrong, but very pure and beautiful. I, nor thousands upon thousands of people have ever seen her art in this way.

Lastly, coming back to the topic of erotica, this isn't sexual activity she is showing. In the majority of her photos the woman just stand there, or pose for the photo. The people that reported her made her out to be some sort of disgusting person, when really maybe two out of twenty thousand people had an issue with her work. I feel like this is unfair. 

I am not a feminist in any way. I am a woman who believes we don't have a problem with rights, therefore this is not a battle between men and woman. However, I'm an artist, and I find that what has happened is not only socially but morally wrong. Society is teaching us that we have to be offended by everything, and that's stripping artists rights away to create and share. I can understand why some users "nude" photos can be taken off social media, but that's because they're subjecting and not for the purpose of artistic endeavours. Kat has gathered a following of over 1 million people that love her work and want to see more of it. As an artist, I understand how difficult it is to share your work, how many hours it takes to get that perfect recording, or in Kat's case, the perfect shot. It's hard. So I'm asking that she gets her verification back as well as the right to share her art. From a musician to a photographer, Kat is an important person in my life. Her photos are beautiful and make me as a woman feel good about myself. Stop putting art under the bus, and let it happen.


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