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Instagram to enable accounts that shouldn't be disabled!

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Dear Sir/Madem,

Recently Instagram has been disabling a lot of Football related accounts because of the content that these accounts have been posting, since the start of the 2016/17 Premier League season a lot of people have found out that posting content about the English Premier League on Social Media, is not allowed any more and that is very disappointing decision for everyone that used to post Premier League content in the past as it was always allowed till this season. We do respect the decision of the FA to block their content from any Social Media platform but we do not respect the decision of Instagram to disable accounts, people have been putting time and effort into their accounts by posting their content, Creating video edits, Update followers about the Football world, Creating poster edits for Footballers, and that's all taken away from them by Instagram. Giving people verbal warnings that need to stop posting prohibited content & explain what is allowed to post from the English Premier League as they have changed their rules regarding their footage would be something good for everyone that posted something that is not allowed, the warning that we have been receiving every time that we posted prohibited content was 'That it was deleted from Instagram because you're violating a third party's rights' I have found out that after 3 warnings your account will be deleted with no proper explanation and not any way to contact Instagram to get your account back or at least discuss about the problem. I thought that my account only got disabled but recently I have found out that a lot of accounts have been deleted, just to mention couple one: @Futbolmd_ 110K followers, @Ap7editzhd 424K followers, @Total_Footys 24k followers, @Hattricktotal 56K followers, @Footyyuniverse 66K followers, @Feelfootball_ 31K followers, @FutbolBrainy 70K followers, @Eternalfooty 92K followers, @Ballersnatiion 3K followers (My own account).

This I are just a couple accounts that have been disabled for 'Violating Instagram's terms'. All these people have been years working on their accounts for years and had big plans in the future because of the amount of people they have entertained & brought together on Instagram, and taking it away from them without giving a good and explained warning is a big punishment that we're definitely not going to accept. I'm going to explain my situation and hope to get everyone's support regarding this problem. I work with kids from the age of 13 to 18 that have been trough horrific things in their life that they never been supposed to see and I want to keep them off the wrong way. I'm not allowed to give details but in this case I have to give a few details, working with a child from the age of 14 that has been using drugs for 2 years is heartbreaking, I can't describe in words how much that has done to me and I couldn't handle it but I was strong and just wanted to achieve 1 thing and that was making them a different person and get them back into the society. I have been speaking and helping these children for 9 months to convince him to stop using drugs as he was very addicted to cocaine, and after I convinced him to stop and he did stop using it, it was an unbelievable feeling that I can't describe, I have 4 kids and I can't imagine that one of them is using drugs on the age of 13. They have so much fun using this account I gave it to them as a gift to keep them of the wrong way and its something they really enjoy they are really sad because of this, because they want do what they like and that is posting their love for Soccer on Instagram.
They recently found a sponsor on Instagram, and they were getting monthly money from their sponsor the only thing they had to do is promote their sponsor 6 times a month and they were receiving their money, it was like a salary for them I remember that one of them bought Soccer boots with his first sponsor payment in June, the happiness that he had that day was unbelievable and no one could take that away from him, and I really started think about what we achieved in 9 months.

From using drugs and getting into trouble with the police to an Instagram sponsor and getting a monthly payment by doing something that they like, they haven't received their salary for the month September as they are unable to promote their sponsor and that is a very big disappointment.
Once again the platform Instagram has made plenty people very happy and especially very happy and helped 2 kids to stay off the wrong way and I will appreciate that for the rest of my life, and you can make them & everyone else happier by giving them the chance to get their account back and discuss this in a professional way to prevent this in the future. Everyone makes mistakes it as I said earlier in this email, Instagram was hacked a couple weeks ago and I saw that accounts of big celebrities like Akon, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez were all hacked, the fact that hackers are able to get access to their accounts is mistake from Instagram but you can't prepare yourself for a mistake so you can't blame yourself for this as we can't blame 2 kids of the age of 14 & 16 and every other football related for this mistake. Everyone please sign this petition and lets get our account back and do what we enjoy doing: Posting Football content on our Instagram account!

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