Instagram Stop Deleting Wrestling accounts!

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This need to stop! A lot of Wrestling Accounts are being deleted everyday with no reason! Please instagram i hope you fix this! We can't stand this anymore. I love Wrestling. I grew up watching @619iamlucha, @davebautista, Chris Benoit, @randyorton, @cmpunk, @shawnmichaelswwe, and so many more. I watch RoH, WWE, and AEW all weekly. I have a random page kinda like THIS ONE where I post Wrestling Galore, whether it be @tessa_blanchard's World Title win in IMPACT, @dmcintyrewwe's Royal Rumble Win in WWE...Fans of Wrestling have been targeted for too long. @instagram has deleted too many of us. Will they delete any more of us for unleashing the @johncena within us and choosing to #RiseAgainstDeletion? I would hope not. You should hope not. We all should hope not. We need to #rise as a Community. We need to #rise as a Fan. We need to #standtogether. And @instagram? You need to #learn about us. You need to #embrace the amount of #time we give this app just to #love #wrestling. There is no community like the #IGWC. #Stop deleting us. #Stop deleting our #friends. Stop deleting our #family. #Embrace us. We #hope that you can #see this soon. Before it's #toolate.�❤️� but it’s time to stop accepting what we consider the “norm” of living in a constant state of fear of when our accounts are going to be deleted and we need to start rising up against the machine, rising up against the deletion, rise up against Instagram. Now I’m feeling good right now, they can take my account but they will NOT take my HEART. I want to put an end to this anarchy. I want to revive this community back to what it once was. I may sound silly right now but with enough voices and people participating, maybe, just MAYBE, we might be able to make a change. Share this around if you want to, tag people, put it on a story, do whatever you feel would help as it would be greatly appreciated but if you are reading this and you are someone who could be affected by the way Instagram is treating the IGWC, you should stand up too. Now is this gonna work? There’s absolutely no guarantee, I could post this and it could literally get nowhere with no shares, no tags, anything, but at least I can say that I tried for the sake of all of us.. Now, I’ll start doing my part by giving us some tags..