Instagram quit the sexist guideline

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It has been several years now that instagram blocks images with female nipples in them. Even though many of us live in the progressive and open-minded societies, such huge companies like Instagram still implement sexist rules that draw the line between what men can do and women can't simply for being of a different sex. 
Recently my photo was deleted and I was warned that my account can be deactivated as well if I post another picture that falls under "pornography", yet it is safe to say that there is a huge difference between pornography and nude art such as photography, drawings and etc. I am oppressed and humiliated by the app even though I simply want to express my art in the form that is the closest to my vision of the world. Many women are oppressed too. 
We are forced to censor our nipples in the pictures, what often results in the loss of the whole composition and atmosphere. We are asked to deform our body images so that it is not viewed as pornography, while men are not asked to do the same. 
Moreover, naked bodies have been praised throughout the entire human history. Ancient sculptures, the most famous art pieces including such paintings as "The Birth of Venus", "Olympia", "The Sleepers" and and many others, all evolve around the beauty of a naked human, and often, female body.
Therefore, deleting images, threatening and regularly blocking accounts that have nothing to do with the actual porn industry is not the only way to control the adult content. I am asking instagram to take down this embarrassing rule and implement more open-minded guidelines that will not limit women's ability to express themselves in the way they want. Personal freedom is very important. Each person is entitled to make his or her own decision whether he/she wants to see the female nipple or not. Moreover, Women and men (photographers and artists working with female models) should not be limited to strict rules. In order to create something new and outstanding, rules should often be forgotten, but with such censorship it is simply impossible for artists to fully express themselves.
The examples of guidelines that are not that strict and still limit pornography without blindly cutting out all the great work by actual artists are DeviantArt and 500px, where the sensitive content is not visible to people who are not entitled to see it due to age restriction or simply want to avoid such content. 

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