Instagram not properly reviewing accounts banned for impersonation and sexual content

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I have been deleted numerous times by Instagram wrongfully for impersonating myself as well as sexual content. I’ve had numerous accounts all deleted with no warning for things I never did like post sexually suggestive content. I am a foot model who takes pictures fully clothed and like many other people am shocked when I get notified I’m banned of the app for nothing and with no warnings. I’m sure their are other people out there who have been told they aren’t themselves,  sent their ID in to be denied that they are who they are. Told they’re misrepresenting themselves with their name or nickname. Or deleted when you have on a full outfit in every picture never posted even a bikini picture. It’s sad and then you see those huge pages where people are nude report and nothing this petition is a voice for all of us. For all the accounts wrongfully deleted with no warning. For all the fake Phoenix messages that are just copy and pasted then signed by a computer. We deserve more I don’t even follow anyone and it says I am soliciting when I never even wrote one message first and only follow celebrities or other models. There is a screen shot of the message I’m sure plenty of you seen before and constantly never a real response and probably never seen a different message from this Instagram representative before. My page was

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