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Instagram not deleting Jonghyun's instagram account

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To my fellow shaowls it is Instagram's policy to delete the accounts of people who have passed away. In the light of the recent events i cant bring myself to say it properly I would like to petition Instagram to leave his account up, even though he's not here the way he used to, and he can no longer care for us or the members in the same way he did, we can all use a little bit of his radient genuine loving smile, goofy bouncy personality and bubbly infectious laughter to help us through. I ask that you help by signing so that his account can be a monument of his life, sad and happy, good and bad a place where we can all laugh and smile or cry and scream, a place where we can always remember our beautiful smiling angle, a place where we can feel safe loved and accepted no matter who we are. For us old timeer SHAOWLs it will be a place to reminece about to laugh and remember the good old days where we can laugh and cry with our sisters and brothers in spirit song and now memory of the smiling laughing 173cm bubbly ball of laughter and light we call Kim Jonghyun. for new SHAOWLs it will be a place to discover to know what an amazing beautiful human many of us had the privelage of falling in love with. Id like dedicate the person i am today to him, he has taught me so much in the time i was lucky to have him, there are few people who can claim to have known him - all of him and even fewer who can claim to have loved that. None of these people are us, but thats ok because we DID know we DID love him, we DO know him and WE STILL LOVE HIM. I knoe many of you are still hurting and my heart goes out to all of you but he's still here just not in the same way, a little part of him lives on in each of us together we are him and we always will be

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