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A couple of days ago, Instagram (IG) removed for good the "following" tab from its functions, for being "unused by instagram users". The "following" tab has always been the main source of new content, giving more personality and identity, which is the main purpose of a SOCIAL MEDIA. With this tab, you were, in fact, connecting yourself to something related to your friends, family and personal interests, since this functionality shows what your friends are liking in the app, the comments they are writing in a way you get to participate, or even people they are following that might be from your interest, increasing the network by simply seeing it in the following tab. Through the years, Instagram's reach wasn't only limited to personal interactions but it also became a comercial platform, a way of promoting art and a place where celebrities and fans everywhere could interact. Less known artists have recognition today because, at one point, they had their works appreciated and were spotted by the "following" tab, where the fans were used to see what the celebrity liked and who them interacted with on IG. Two days after the tab was removed, around 25,000 comments on the IG and 2300 tweets with the“Bring back following tab” text were verified. The user's privacy remains preserved with the possibility to make their accounts private and block other users. The complaints about the removal of the tab continue to increase, and IG users have already reduced the use of the app due to the lack of interest and new content in the timeline. Therefore, in response to thousands of user protests, we request to restore the Instagram “following” tab.