Improve Instagram Support and Security for Hacked Accounts

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My Instagram @dylanyjchao was hacked on Wednesday October 7th at 13.3k followers. I had built my following over 3+ years of hard work, showcasing my work as an artist. It has now been deleted by the hacker, and Instagram did little to nothing to help. 

After a difficult process of sending in support requests to Instagram, I was finally able to get back into my account - but only briefly. Despite following all of the suggested prevention steps, the hacker was still able to retake my account multiple times due to oversights in Instagram’s current automated recovery email system. I got no response from Instagram support while this was happening. 

The nightmare only got worse. After this back-and-forth, the hacker decided to delete my account for good. I got no email from Instagram. No authentication codes. No confirmation to delete. Just like that, my account gone forever. 

Though I went through this traumatic experience, the problem is so much larger than me. I am one amongst thousands of people who are getting their accounts hacked and not receiving proper support from Instagram. Instagram does not have a support email or a support phone number. The only way to get help is by sending forms through the help center and getting automated bot messages in response. These messages can take weeks to come in, and issues can be left unresolved for months. That is the “help” Instagram offers if you are hacked: automated bot messages that are uncooperative and unhelpful. That is simply not enough.

It is completely unacceptable that a multi-billion dollar company like Instagram doesn’t offer in- person support or at the very least email or phone support for their customers. If someone has a circumstance that can’t be fixed by an automated response, how are they supposed to get help? They can’t. Additionally, my hacker should not have been able to get back into my account, as I had set up all the security measures recommended by instagram including two-factor authentication. The security measures they currently provide are inadequate.

I urge you to sign this petition to get Instagram to improve their support and security for all users. There needs to be a functioning email and phone support system for users to contact, along with better security measures to prevent hacking. Every creator out there would want to receive proper help if their account was hacked, so please sign and share. It’s time for Instagram to start caring for the users who keep the app running.  -Dylan ( insta: @dylanyjchao_ )